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Tarsh Sethi

M.A. music , UGC-NET

Tarsh Sethi, a seasoned mentor with a passion for music that resonates through his diverse expertise. With a Master's degree in Music and the prestigious UGC-NET qualification, Tarsh stands as a beacon of knowledge and skill in the realm of Indian classical vocals and guitar. His journey encompasses not only teaching but also active engagement as a performing and recording artist hailing from the picturesque city of Dehradun. Drawing from his comprehensive education and years of experience, Tarsh guides aspiring musicians on a transformative musical voyage. His mastery over Indian classical vocals and guitar shines through his instruction, empowering students to unravel the intricacies of melodies and rhythms. Tarsh's dedication to his craft, coupled with his nurturing demeanor, creates an environment where students can flourish and explore their musical potential. Whether it's through cultivating vocal prowess in the intricate ragas of Indian classical music or harnessing the strings of a guitar to craft enchanting melodies, Tarsh's mentorship inspires growth, creativity, and an unshakable passion for music. Join him in uncovering the world of harmonious possibilities and embark on a journey of musical enlightenment under his expert guidance.


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7Svar- Online Music Platform
7Svar- Online Music Platform
7Svar- Online Music Platform

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7Svar- Online Music Platform

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