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Taranjeet Singh

MA Music.

Allow us to introduce Taranjeet Singh, a distinguished mentor and performer deeply rooted in the world of Indian classical vocal music. Armed with a Master's degree in Music, Taranjeet's journey has been one of dedication and artistry. Hailing from the culturally rich land of Punjab, he brings a unique blend of tradition and innovation to his role as an instructor. Taranjeet's expertise as a performer shines through in his mentorship, where he not only imparts technical knowledge but also instills a profound understanding of the emotional depth within each note. His commitment to preserving and propagating the heritage of Indian classical vocal music is evident in every lesson he conducts. Through his guidance, students not only learn the nuances of the art but also develop a deep appreciation for its cultural significance. Join Taranjeet on a melodic journey where each note is a gateway to a world of emotions and storytelling. With his guidance, you'll not only refine your vocal skills but also immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Indian classical music. As an instructor and performer, Taranjeet's mentorship promises an enriching experience that resonates with the soul and transcends musical boundaries.


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7Svar- Online Music Platform
7Svar- Online Music Platform
7Svar- Online Music Platform

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7Svar- Online Music Platform

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